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Molly, Matthew, Sweetie, Tim and Cindy

Our sweet Cindy and handsome Timothy, that have passed

on to the Rainbow Bridge are missed so very much. They both

brought such joy to our cat/human family.

My  ceramic Victorian houses/buildings

that  I love to paint

We  are so heartsick with deep sadness of the terrible attack to the United States  of Americafrom the terrorist of the world


~ Please Light a Candle for our  America, the victims, their families
and the rescue workers involved in this  horrible tragedy

We are very proud to display this
Go to this cute site and visit Dog, the  Cat!

Spring of 2000.
This little bird was born in our  shrub.
We call him Scooter. He makes daily visits to
our birdbaths and  gardens.

Spring of 2000

This  little warbler comes to visit our birdbath
and spends time in the tree  outside
our condo apt.
January 20, 2001

Hello...  my name is Matthew and I am a member of my mom's "Kitty Kondo," and I like to  talk a lot. I am the speaker of the house of this kitty kondo family, and I will  write for my mom on this page, because this is her page. As well as her loving  and caring for us, she loves all cats...but us especially as we are special!!  Mom loves her computer and likes to paint her ceramic buildings.She likes to set  out her village that she painted at Christmas time. So, between taking care of  me, and my brothers and sisters, and doing stuff on her computer, she likes to  paint little things too.
Another one of the favorite things in her life is  keeping in touch with our other family, Kathy who likes to called Kathryn, the  mom, and the grandchildren, Ray (Andrew), and Kathryn. They live here in Florida  too.
2008 and 2009

updated02 Published Oct/Nov 2009
Mom and Dad's  granddaughter Kathryn now lives in  Florida and our cousin, Chester lives  there too.
Here is his picture:

we have another cuzin

Thank you so much Lynnda
for this purrfect award of  precious
August ~ 1999

We love this beautiful award,
Sharif's Award For  Excellence
Thank you so much, Lynnda
July 9,  2001

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Nancy's Kitty  Kondo
All Rights Reserved

Chester, the beautiful kitty passed away January 12, 2013 and went to the Rainbow Bridge,

and we all miss him so much. He was a special kitty and so funny with his

personality. He loved his tie that Kathryn would put around his neck. He was

quite a charmer and such a good cat.

We all loved him so much and he will be missed.

Timothy, Cindy Misty and Molly will welcome dear Chester to the Rainbow Bridge.





Our sweet Matthew had to leave us this morning, June 3, 2013. He has failed within the  last few days and so frail as his body  was so tiny. We knew it was time for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge. He will be with his sisters, Misty,  Molly, and little Cindy and big brother Timothy. He will be free of pain and he will be happy once again. The kitties can romp and play with each other again like they did before when they were younger well and healthy.

Matthew also will be with his Annie too. Annie is his little gal that went before him. They will go off together,  run and play in the meadows and fields in cat heaven.

Matthew’s strength will be restored and he will be healthy again like he was when he was  full of life here at  home with his siblings.

He is survived by his sisters, Sweetie and Pickles, brothers Buddy and Andy.

We have so many memories of this cat and his sweet personality and expressions.He would do the funniest things and we would laugh and laugh.

He had a wonderful life and was the most outstanding cat, as was his brother Tim and sisters, Misty, Molly and Cindy. Cindy passed in September of 2009. He outlived the girls, Misty, and Molly that  passed to the Rainbow Bridge last Spring in April and May of 2012. Molly was the oldest of the three and she was  like the Queen of our beautiful kitties.

Until we meet again my darling Matthew. Be happy and healthy once again.

Rainbow Bridge
Mistyand matthewon table

Matthew and Timothy as brothers were always together and the best companions. When big brother Tim went to the Rainbow Bridge, Matthew was lost and waited for him at the front door. Later, Matthew and Misty became companions.

Misty and Matthew were on the dining table and heard some noise in the kitchen and then were waiting patiently for the food that was being prepared for them.


Cindy and Molly napping on my desk one afternoon.



About 1998 -October 25, 2014

Our precious Pickles passed away and crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge  much to our surprise. The beautiful Maine Coon cat that she was. She was a wonderful member of our family. She came to us in the summer, August, 2006 with her brother Buddy.

The kitties were previously owned by our neighbor and friend of many years who passed away in July of 2006. We said to her that we would take the kitties if anything were to happen to her. Pickles and Buddy have been a great addition to our cat family. I got so tickled when some of the other cats would pass by Pickles and she would growl. Her favorite place to be, near the last years of her life, she stayed under the dining room table.

In the beginning, Pickles and Buddy would stay in the bedroom and we called them the “bedroom cats”. Gradually, Buddy began to come out into the living room and now he is everywhere. Buddy would groom Pickles all the time. They were very close. Then later Pickles came out into the living room and her domain was under the dining table and she wanted to be fed there. Pickles and Buddy shared the water bowl until Buddy decided that he wanted a water bowl of his own, so he chose a water fountain made for little animals. The cats have given us the love that had to offer which was so much.

We surely miss our Pickles and it’s strange not to feed her too along with the others. We love you Pickles and miss you so much  Be at peace at the Rainbow Bridge and join your sisters and brothers and play once again and be happy and healthy, until we meet again.




Andy closeup
Andy closeup on top

We had to help Andy to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge on February 28, 2015. His kidneys were failing and he was very weak. I hated to see him leave us but he was ready to end his life and cross over to the next life. He was a good cat even though he had an attitude but we were good companions. I loved it when he got up on the couch with me and he would come up on me and touch me with is paws. What a guy. Very affectionate when he wanted to be and I took it all in. So soft to the touch and he wanted to be near me. He was my cat!! No one in the family or friends could touch certain places on him except his head. He was very finicky about anyone touching his back or tail. Even me!! He is in God’s Hands now and will be free from pain and growing back to what he was and seeing his sisters and brothers that greeted him with open paws!