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I putz duh twelliz fur owr entranse tu

 owr howse. Du yu like it,




Here I am before my golden markings
appeared on my white fur


This is my Halloween cat toy and picture ~ 2005

HoneyCat, Jack, Leo, and Bear, (in front)
These purrty cats are my friends from Texas


OF  JULY 27 - 2005

These kitties are all rushing to the parties!

JULY 27 2005

Andy's best pictures

~This is HoneyCat~
I just met this beautiful kitty!
Isn't she gorgeous?
June ~ 2002

Go to Leo's web page
to see all the gorgeous kitties!

These pictures are our Texas friends

HoneyCat                                    Leo                                                       Bear

Jack                                                         Jaspurr

These guyz are my buddies!! They are my HoneyCats' brothurs!
We boyz have to stick together!!

~More pictures of Honeycat and her brothurs~
December ~ 2002

Honeycat Relaxing

Leo and HoneyCat cuddling

This is Jaspurr, HoneyCat's new brothur

Bear, Leo and Jaspurr

Here is Jack!

Here are pictures of more of my friends

My buddy, Ginger and on the right, Ginger playing with Byron

These are my favorite pictures of my Buddy Ginger

These are my favorite pictures of my Buddy Ginger

Deer kitties. I am sorry we have been absent, but we are having a furry, furry difficult year.

And it is with a furry heavy heart I have to make this announcement:

The sweet gentlekitty, the cream and orange boy with the HUGE blue eyes, collapsed last weekend.
We tried efurryfing possible, but his body couldn't recover. Ginger was only seven years old...

Ginger has gone to the Bridge to be forever free of pain or discomfort.
He is now happy, healthy and young again and playing with all the friends who went before him.

My mum is heartbroken. Gio, his adopted son, was with him until his mind went and is now very quiet.
We are all quiet. The world has lost a kind soul who was pure love and sweetness.

Ginger is survived by me, Byron, Giovanni and youngsters Bibiana and Elfi. And Runa
of course. Runa and I hope to stay healthy for quite some time
as we are 12 and 10 years old. But we don't think our mum can have much more.

Wif lub, yer frend Byron for the Howland kitties and d*ggie.

~November 20, 2009~


This page is to introduce you to Andy. He had a rough beginning as a kitten. He was born in a Southern Florida, neighborhood, outdoors. His mother was a poor run down Calico and who knows who his father was? The owner didn't care about the kitties or the mother cat and that cat roamed the neighborhood and had not been neutered. This mother cat had kitties all the time. Year after year.The owner never took the mother cat or the kitties to the veterinarian, and never cared much for the kitties and left them outside to fend for themselves. We guess that she fed them everyday. She was a very irresponsible and uneducated person and shouldn't have had the animals. Her little, get this! They would throw the kitties up in the air.Very poor teachings from the mother of these unbehaved children.
My eldest daughter and family who lives across the street from this family, would see this transpire continually. Our granddaughters would cry as they watched this terrible thing happen to the little kitties.
My other daughter and I went to this neighborhood and looked at the kitties and there were only three. A white one, one that was a gray Tabby and the other was part white with different colors through his fur.
Finally, my daughter who lives in the same neighborhood, had enough and brought the little white kitty to us in August of 1997. My other daughter took the other kitties.
This little kitty was such a pretty white kitty with a very faint of gold through him. We took him to our neighborhood animal clinic and had him tested and he received all his shots and we named him, Andy. Andy was a sweet kitty and did all the things that little kitties do. He cried a lot and he used the guest bathroom to live for a while and he slept in his bed there, until everyone had adjusted to this stranger.
As time went by, Andy became a member of our cat clan. He has always been a very stubborn kitty and it's his way or bite, bite, and scratch, scratch! He was one year old this past July of 1998. The word "no!" is not in his head yet but he is gradually learning. Even though he may act like a bad cat at times, he's learning the rules. We love him too, as we do the other kitties, and we care of his well being. Within a year, he has gradually adjusted that he is not the only cat in the family and that he must learn that at meal time, he isn't the only cat eating. He knows which bowl is his, like all the others do, but if any other kitty left any food, he will clean it up, so he is well fed.

Since Andy was treated badly and abused as a tiny little kitten, he doesn't trust humans very well. So, it's difficult to get close to him to groom him, trim his nails, give him medications when he's sick, and to attend to all of his whims. It's like take the brush through his fur 1-3 times and stop, continue the process off and on until he gets very stressed.
Now, this dear boy is getting better with his attitude problem, but still needs to polish up some of his behavior! He likes to be petted on his head but we can't touch the tail, the paws, the legs, or anything else as it upsets him. A person has to learn to touch his head just a couple of times and leave him.
We had to have his belly shaved a little as his long thick hair will get into his tummy from his licking and grooming, which can lead to a bad case of hair balls. I had warned the employees at the animal clinic of Andy's behavior.This dear cat had to be sedated as he's the most untouchable cat ever! After that ordeal, he did seem to calm his nerves down some.

He goes to bed with his mom and kneads my side for a while and then curls up into a ball and goes to sleep. He's such a pussycat!

Andy has a new playmate, Cindy, our newest addition. She was a whole 4 pounds, as of early September 1998. She had to be neutered and was confined to the bathroom for a few days and Andy was so lonely without her. He would lie around and waited for her just outside the door. Andy, personality has improved and is adjusting but likes to make himself known.

Update: Our Andy has grown into quite a good size cat and his disposition is much better. He is fitting into our kitty kondo well. He does have his moments and we have to intervene when he chases one of our timid kitties, but he is learning the cat rules in this household. There is never a dull moment with Andy. He is going on his second year of life this summer, (1999). We love him as much as the others and he is a good addition to our family.

I was just a few weeks old in these pictures

This is me at six weeks!

I am playing with my tiny ball.
See my little gray mouse?

When I was a kitty looking at Petie Bird

"Here are two more photos of me after I have become a big pretty boy!"

"Well my deer kitties, don't I look silly? This is what happens
when I go to the vet for a spring & summer fur trim.....
It was like I was skinned alive!!
I guess one could say my tail makes the best feather duster!

This is how a furrie kittie should look! This is a good length, A more dignified look! That of a King!

Now, I can keep my watchful eyes on the kitties
from up here to see that all kitties are good today!

"Well my dear kitties, it's still me!
It's the BALD look!" Disgustin isunt it?
March ~ 2000

"Now my kittie friends don't you fret,
this is Lion King ANDY
March ~ 2000

updatedJune 10, 2001

Tripod ~ 2001

I want to introduce you the love of my life! This little lady has stolen my heart. Isn't she lovely?
She is my wink wink. Poddy and my sisfur Cindy, both have only 3 legs.
Click on one of Poddy's pictures to meet the lady of my life and her mom, Fran, and all the
informative issues, links, banners, graphics and the stories and poems. We were sure to vote for them
in the last OSCAT AWARD - Spring/Summer, 2001.

Poddy has written some stories on her site that are so wonderful to read, and me, Andy was
featured on her page with my pictures too!
Tripod, The Three Legged Beauty!

My dearst Poddy, has not been well and my beautifull lovely lady has been diagnosed with
an inoperable mouth tumor that is making it difficult for Tripod to eat.. She has to take her yellow chemo therapy medicine and I am hoping that my luvvly lady, girl of my dreams, will feel better.
There has been a new site created from a good friend of Poddy's and Fran's,


updatedJuly 15, 2001

She was my first love.

On August 9, 2001, will be Poddy's 20th birthday and it wuld make me very happy
to celebrate hers and mine together cuz it would be so important to me. Then she
could celebrate her birthday with her grandmeowmie in August 9, 2001, cuz they have
their birthdays the same day!
I can bring all kinds of treets, cat nip and Poddy's favorite is tuna and turkey. I will
have a special pressint fur her

This is my birfday month!!
I will be 4 yeers old!! I have to get the Kondo Kats to help me
dekorate!! Since we don't know exactly the day of my birthday, we
decided that the 27th day is a purrfect day!
My momma needs to shop at the "Pet Super Market," and get that big long
fur the pardee!.I need a place fur all mu furriends to surround me and
especially my sweet Little Lady, Tripod to sit at my side.
We will have treets, catnip,and purrty things fur the gurl kitties, and some
catnip and toyz and pardee hats fur the boy kitties.

To see the memorial of Poddy:

I hope all you kitties like my new suit, tie, and my straw hat!
I wore it this past Valentines Day, February 14, 2002, to attend
The Zena and Stan and Scraps and Levi
Wedwink Wedding and Party. My outfit was made for me by
the meowmies of the kitties of the Double Wed-Wink.
Thank you, Auntie Nancy and Auntie Flo for desiging my suit.
Me and my brufurs & sisfurs had a very nice time,
but my mind was still on my Angel Poddy,
cuz I dream of her so often and I know she was with me looking
down upon me on that wonderful day.

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