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~These are beautiful pictures of our precious few of the kitties that we have met on the Internet in the  world of felines.
To visit and read each story about our friends,
just click on their pictures and it should take you to each of their pages

 ~These precious faces are the Garvey residents of The Catalina Island Cats in Catalina Island, California
And also below are the wedding pictures of John and Linda Garvey

The marriage John and Linda Garvey
"Together Forever"

 Cloosy, a special kitty

Linda lost dear little Bartacus
April ~ 2000

 Big Brother, Klooser

 Baby brother, Delman

 Baby Delman having his food

The rest of the Garvey Family~The kitty at the far right with the swinging tail is none other than Kendrick
A Purrfect Father's Day

Delman loves Dad's slipper ~Delman & Klooser being loved by  dad ~ A  very photogenic Klooser

~We regret  with sadness to write that our dear friend John Garvey,  passed away
Thursday evening, 7:00P.M. February 10, 2000.
Our hearts go out to Linda  for the loss she is feeling. She has many firends
that are praying for her in  hopes that the beautiful memories  she and
John shared, will eventually give her  peace from the sorrow she
is enduring..
May God Bless the Garveys~

"I'd like the memory to be a happy one.
I''d like to leave an after-glow of smiles
when life is done.
I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly
down the ways,
of happy times and laughing times,
and bright sunny days.
I'd like the tears of those who grieve
to dry before the sun.
Of happy memories that I leave when
life is done."

Linda and John Garvey,
friends that I met via Internet, in 1998,
from Catalina Island, California



Linda made this computer
drawing in 1999

Libby now has a lovely home , residing with her new family at Trecroft
in Nova Scotia, Canada
She came with another black kitty, Sissy.

Go visit Libby, Sissy and family, and click on Libby's pic

The proud owners of Libby and Sissy are
Carole and Bill of Nova Scotia, Canada

~These lovely little gems, The Bratcats, live in New York with the lady that they love, Maxine~

Brandee so content                                  Dondee so sweet                      Gatsby loves the camera

Marlee, so poised

Buck, a special kitty, adopted Dec. 28, 1995 &
went to The Rainbow Bridge, Dec. 26, 1996

~Some special and beautiful kitties that belong to Lynnda, of Sharif's Sundown~

              Sharif                                                      Mr. Chips                                Lynnda's English Rose~ Camille~ Aug. 15, 1987

          Baby Sharif                                   Baby Buttons                                  Baby Camille                       Baby Simone

      Simone resting               Bojangles keeping watch

Lynnda & Sharif

This little beauty is Lynnda's Little Girl ~
She just won Rescue of the Month
July 2001

~Here is a story about Tipper Magee. Also featured, are his sister and brother, for a complete family
that live in their humble abode with their mom, Brenda Bishop~

Tipper Magee

                   Baby Tipper                Tipper, taking the bottle        Tipper & Sis Joos Nooton    Tipper & sis as youngsters

Tipper as a teenager

Tipper, relaxing with Tuxie Girl, Charli Chan, and
Tabby Boy, Rodney The third

It is with our deepest regrets that our dear friend, Brenda Bishop,
passed away suddenly on October 4, 1999.
She was so caring of her cats and all animals.
We will miss her so much.
God Bless you , Brenda

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