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How infinite are Your works, O Lord!
In  wisdom You have wrought them all -
The Heaven and Earth is full of your creatures.

misty in house

Our Misty passed away yesterday, April 26, 2012, in her carrier en route to our vet clinic. She was full of cancer and it took her from us. She was getting so thin and it was her time to leave us for her journey to cat heaven. She died, as I held her head and I could not let go of her until we arrived at the vet clinic. Her leaving us, she took a part of me with her. My thoughts are with her with every breath I take but she is at peace now and no more cancer for her to bear. She was very special, good natured, sweet and good and very devoted to her family. She loved her brother Matthew that she was adopted with back in December of 1996. They were together a lot throughout her little life. We miss her so much and I wish that she were still with us as when she was healthy and well. Misty, we will try to carry on our lives without you but it’s so hard to bear. We love you so much....The angels in heaven will take care of you..until we meet again.

catangel2 RIGHT
The purrfect one
Mistyawn MatthewMisty
Misty flowers #2
Misty rest hed #2
a_angelkcat ani

~I am my mom's favorite kitty because I am so loveable. I give her
kisses and head butts and lots of love! ~

 ~Misty   at   her   best~



Thank you, Jack for this Valentine
February 14, 2005

~To My Valentine~

Happy Valentines Day!
February 14, 2004

Misty is our little Tabby Manx with her beautiful markings. She joined our cat family in December 9, 1996. We went shopping to PetsMart, our cat supply mart, for more cat supplies and the county sheriff's office was showing a few kitties that needed a home. Well, we saw these two little kitties in a cage together, and we decided to get the two of them. The Tabby Manx was so tiny and sweet and we adopted her right on the spot along with the other kitty too. It was a black and white male kitty and we couldn't separate the two kitties and we ended up taking the two kitties home that December day.

 We put the two kitties in the guest bathroom until they were introduced to the other two cats of our cat family. In a few weeks, we put the two kitties in the front room so that they would have more room to run and play.

 Misty, has her different characteristics which is the complete lack of tail with her round body, rump, head, and even round paws. She has the long back legs with the sturdy body. Some people would get the weird impression of a hairy basketball with legs. She is a short hair kitty with her mellow, even-tempered disposition and she is very friendly and affectionate. At times she has been a head butter, to show more of her affection. Misty's back legs being longer than the front, she sometimes would hop as a kitten. She is a sweetheart and loves attention. Manx cats do not have a loud meow. They have very quiet little voices for their size and weight and are heard running more than vocalizing.
Misty is a little timid when there are loud noises that she knows is not the normal everyday noise, but she has adjusted to her environment very well.  Misty now has been another member of our cat family that takes care of the new little kitty that just arrived in August of 1998. Misty is a good little mother and washes the kitty, Cindy, and Cindy loves the attention. The kitty will hold still for Misty. Misty is very special too and we love her so much.

~This is me, Misty, when I was only a few months old. I had the "sniffles" so mommee covered me up to keep
me warm-Dec 1996~

  ~I love to pose because I am so pretty~      ~I like to stretch out too when I take my cat naps~

These are my best poses  and I got a new bonnet and tie,

This is Jack and he escorted me to HoneyCat's and Andy's Wedwink
in the Fall of 2003.

This is the Cross Stitch Design of our Misty created by a very good friend,
of mine,  Joan Lilley of  The Lilley Pad. You can see her work if you click
on Misty's Cross Stitch picture.
Thanks so very much, Joan

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