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Matthew gained 2 pounds with the kitten milk beginning the

year of 2011. We were so pleased to see this. He is not

on his lactalose or his other medication. He loves his kitten

milk and begs for it daily. He is feeling good and sometimes

runs like a kitten. He was way down to 5 pounds but the

kitten milk has improved his quality of life.

~Written March 5, 2011~


Matthew is losing weight and it showed up in August. That day, he weighed 7.4.

We took him to our vet and she suggested that we go to the oncologist vet,

Dr Ward. This doctor did a ultrasound on Matthew and it didn’t show any

cancer, so she prescribed some medication, Metronidazole, 50 mg one a day.

It was to help his appetite and at this date, Sept. 14, 2010, he is eating but not as much as I wish he would. He did gain a few ounces and then last week, he got up to 8 lbs. but he is back down to 7 lbs again. We have another appointment with the same vet, and she will take a look at him. I hope she tries the other medication she mentioned if this one didn’t work. We take him on Thursday of this week back to Dr. Ward. We hope that she can do something for him as he is too thin and seems weak at times.

He still is vocal but not like he used to be....

.....And I am not going to have him leave us yet.

I don ‘t think it’s his time at this date.

 Matthew went to his vet again today being Oct, 22, 10

and she decided to put him on Prednizone and to see

how that will work on him. Our goal is for him to gain some

pounds or ounces here. He will go back in November, in one month.

Thin Matthew & Misty

He is much thinner in the picture.

Taken in August 2010

He and Misty were adopted at the

same time.

December 1996


updatedMatthew got a good report today April 3, 2010

from his testing and vet recheck yesterday with

his thyroid condition.

We hope he continues   feeling great!

His vet is so pleased with his results.

She wants to see him within 6 months.




This is me, Matthew resting on one of mom’s pillows~ This was before I began to lose my weight.


This is my Annie!


I like my huggy pillow!!


June 24, 2005

 Matthew was diagnosed with Megacolon in the summer of 2003. He has these attacks every so
often but they are getting more frequent now. There are times when Matthew cannot pass his
waste materials because it is much larger than that of the anus. In addition, there is more waste
that moves down to the intestinal tract towards an already full colon. Therefore, there will
be constipation which leads to the Megacolon. Matthew was born with a deformed tail which adds
to his condition, and that creates the colon to lose it's ability to contract and will lead to the
 Megacolon. It has been described as a life threatening disease, but there is more information, on some
Megacolon web sites with some knowledge for the possible treatment for a good quality of life for the cat.

Feline Megacolon

Megacolon in the Cat

October ~ 2005

Matthew had been having more of his megacolon attacks this fall.  The vet that we have been
doing business with for 10 years, this past March of 2006, told us that we were to be thinking about
putting Matthew down as he was not having a good quality of life. Well, that was true, but there had to be
another alternative here with this diagnosis.I can understand her view but it wasn’t in the cards at this time..
This was actually not our choice without considering other options.
In relation to our regular vet, we had to consider other options of this seriousness of our boy,
before even thinking of ending the life of our Matthew.
We needed an open mind to pursue another approach to this discomforting distressful thought.

Another veterinarian was recommended to us and so we went that direction for a second opinion on the life of
our cat. We went to make an appointment with this other vet that was recommended to us.
We refer to him as Dr. Nick. Matthew and I went for a long consultation with Dr. Nick. He was very gentle
with Matthew.
He put Matthew on some pepcid as well as his other meds and some AD food plus his WD dry. The vet
wants to get Matthew's weight back up as Matthew got down to 8 lbs. As of this writing, Matthew's progress
is amazing! We are so proud of Matthew doing so well, due to Dr. Nick's adjustment in treatment for the cat.
If this approach doesn't work in time, then the next option will be surgery for Matthew.

Dr. Nick


 August 9, 2006

Matthew had his annual check up with Dr. Nick today, The doc gave him his physical and said that he looked
great and could tell that he felt better, than say, a year ago. He said for Matthew to continue the Lactalose that he takes
takes 3 times a day every day is helping immensely.
What a difference! Matthew has a new lease on life and with the help of Dr. Nick.

My favorite picture of my brother Timmy and me waiting to be fed.
I have been looking for him to come home to be with me so we can
play and sleep together. He is my pal and best brother.

I lost my dear brother this past April, 2007. He went to the
Rainbow Bridge. I miss him so much. He isn't here to eat and sleep with
me anymore. I'm lonely without him.I always feel secure

with him there with me.

Mom sed I cud hav lotza pichures of Timmie on my page, so I can
look at them.

Hi Mafew,

Annie and Matthew
Annie and me are going to becum a cupple.
Angel Maxie and Angel Tim, (my brofur),
sended me a spirit message so that Annie and me
woant git lonely.


This is Annie.
She looks like my sisfurs, Cindy and Molly.
Maybe someday, I might propose to Annie, so our getting together will
be official~
November 2007

Matthew posing in mom's little kitchen cubby hole.
April 27, 1999

Here he is with the empty catnip container
March 5, 2004

Molly and Little Matthew
May of 1997

I like to lay upside down and in the next picture, I was playing with Sweetie when she was a kitten.

Matthew joined our cat family along with Misty in December 9, 1996, when we were shopping for more cat supplies at our pet market. Our county sheriff's office was looking for adoptees  for these kitties. Both kitties were in a cage together and we couldn't separate them so we adopted both of them that day.

 Matthew is another black and white kitty and has been quite addition to our cat family. It used to be when he was a kitty that he was so serious when he looked at us, but looks can be deceiving. This kitty has personality! One of his positions is when he lies down with all four of his legs outstretched. Then he has another position, with one hind leg stuck outstretched so that everyone can see it and it's always that one leg. He is so funny.

 He likes to get on top of the pillows in our bed and lie there for a while before he settles down for the night. In the morning, he is the first kitty meowing loudly and will sit and stare at us still in bed. He thinks that it's time for mom to get out of bed and head to the kitchen to get the food in the cat bowls. He is always hungry and meows and talks and lets us know when it is time to eat.

 Matthew has his favorite place to sleep during the day and that is in our grandson's big red box that his roller blade skates came in one Christmas. So, it is now Matthew's personal bed. We need to exercise him more and cut down on his food because he is getting heavy again. He too, is another one of the cats that takes care of the newest addition, Cindy and licks and cleans her up. He is like a little papa for her, and like the other cats, he likes to watch over her. A few times, he'll take one of his front paws to hold her down while he cleans her and she is a typical kitty and wants to be on the move a lot.  Matthew has an admirer, as his mom's daughter just thinks he's the greatest cat! She favors him over all the others. We think that he is very photogenic. He too is a sweet kitty and so much fun.
His pictures are two of when he was a few weeks old in the litterbox, to a much older little guy.

"I like to hide in mom's shopping bags!" December ~ 1999

"Isn't this a silly tie I had to wear for a picture?" January 5, 2000 

"Lets get this silly tie picture thing over!"

"This is where I sit when I want some luv pats when mom is working on her projects."

This is my black and white cats page!
We are the pretty black and white cats!
I do have good friends that are not black and white!!
I want to share their pictures here on my page too!

This is BEAR, and he is  HONEYCAT'S brother!  He is also my best buddy!!
HI BEAR!! What do you think of your pictures here? 

This was Matthew's first contest and he won
The "Best Veelisker Character Award
in view of his unique characteristic
in the behavior department.
March 2001

This is a sweet gift from Servo for Matthew Thank you so much, Servo

This is how handsome I looked as the driver of Wedding Carriage for
The Valentines Day, February 14, 2002, Double Wed-wink of
Zena and Stan
Scraps and Levi
This litte beauty was my gal, The Little Girl, and we had a lovely time.
The sweet Little Girl played in the band at the Chicken Dance.
 and our
cuzzies, Boo, Watty and Horse were at the dance too.
I was dressed by Auntie Nancy with my Wedding Carriage drivng outfit
and you can see that page if you click above on my picture next to my gal.
The Little Girl, has her own page too. Click on her picture or the URL below,
and her page tells how her mommy found her.


This little sweetie is to introduce
"The Little Girl"
She wanted Matthew to have her
sexiest picture.
This little gem is Matthew's wink wink!
Thank you, Lynnda for this picture.
July 16, 2001

This was Matthew's first
award from Mr. Bojangles
Thank you Lynnda

This is Hank. Hank and Matthew are so much alike in looks and personalities. We met Hank & his  family
 in August of 1998, &  he was the first Internet kitty we met.  His  mom,  Dawn,  has written  some cute
stories  about  Hank and his family.  His picture is linked to his web site.  In 1997,  Hank  was  the
First  Place  Winner  of "The  Internet's  Most  Photogenic  Feline."

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Can be Friends

Deer Mom and Dad, do not grieve and be sad that I had to leave you cuz it was my time to go from this wonderful life you have given me. I was so weak and tired and my life was leaving me. I know you are very sad. I am free from my pain and now I can be healthy again. I am here at the Rainbow Bridge with my big brother, Timothy, and my sisters, Misty, Molly, and Cindy and my friends that have gone before me. We are playing with each other once again here in the fields and meadows of cat heaven. The pretty birds are flying all around us and singing happy songs for us. We will meet again someday and can be together again.