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The little itty bitty story of
Timothy's and Annies'


Cindy: Look at Timmy and Annie. Don't they look sweet together?
Molly: They are all alone in the park bench together.
Ernie: They were meant for
each other
Bear:  "They are so much in love"


Timmy:  Annie, we gotz the best seat in the park!
Annie: Itz so nice in the shade and a luffly place for the wedwink. Listen to
the bird at the birdbath! Isn't he sweet?
Bear: Do you spose that those front seats are being saved for us?
Leo: Let's go and get seated befur anyone else comes!


This is an old page built in 2003  but updated in the summer of 2007,
to tell the story of...
Annie's and Timothy's little romance they had for each other. They
were a very special couple and were meant for each other. They were such
a handsome couple. They loved going to the wedwink and came dressed
to the nine.
Annie with her little red purse and Timmy with his high top hat! They were
the talk of the ceremonies and at the ballroom dance after the wedwink.
What fun they had!!

that Timmy had to go to the bridge, this past April of 2007,
he will be waiting for Annie and
will greet her with open arms and paws.
What a cute couple!
Tim and Annie went to the  two wedwinks.
HoneyCat's and Andy's
Sweetie's and Marius'