isnt she lovely

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More guests are arriving....

Mandy: Oh dear, it quite a walk in these flowers to the seats!
Batman: We will get there in time, Mandy!
Sammy: Shall we walk through the flowers to our seats, Holly?
Holly: I don't want to get my pretty dress dusty.
Hellion: What a pretty flower garden, my hubby Clyde.
Clyde:  Yes dear, the garden was chosen well for these ceremonies.

Misty: Look at all the guests that have already arrived!
Jack:: And I thought we were early!

Bitsy: This is so much fun here in the flower garden!
Sheik Ollie Babble: I hope there are enuf seets for us to find before the ceremonies begins.
Jackie! Cindy is the Maid of Honor!




Neek: Don't we look lovely in our formal gowns?
Maggie: Oh yes, We are the best dressed gals here!

Jordan: These flowers are tickling me!
Neek: It's luffly to be here wif you, hubby, Stan
Stan: I luff to be with you my wife!




Timothy: this is a lovely garden of so many flowers for HoneyCat.
Annie: Doesn't HoneyCat look lovely with her bouquet and in her pretty gown and
Here comes Molly and Thorn arriving. Bebe and Thaddy are arriving too.
Molly: Thorn, we can sit in front of Annie and Timothy.
Thorn: That's a gud seat for us, to sit in front of your brother and Annie.
Molly: Yes, Annie is so good for Tim.
Frass: This is a lovely time among these flowers for a wedwink.
Pipen: It's nice, but I'm anxious to go to the ballroom to dance with you, my love.
Homer: Me too! I want to do some ballroom dancing with my girl here.
Chessie: Be patient! I want to see Honey cat get wedwinked to Andy. Shhhhhhhhhhh!!
Roxy: We have the best seats and I can see HoneyCat and Andy real gud. They will
be a handome couple, won't they Bear? Did you bring the gift?
Bear: Yes, I put the gift along with the others.
Let's us all listen to the music for HoneyCat!


Our Bride HoneyCat, as she gracefully precedes toward the Wedwink Well

Marius, our very handsome ring bearer carrying the ring box for the bride

Sweet little BooBoo dropping the petals for the bride


 Sweetie walking in front of the bride, dropping the petals


Cindy, Maid of Honor

Molly, The pretty Bridesmaid of Love

Misty, our  sweet Bridesmaid of Love