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My dearest friend, Doris Monroe


This is one of my dearest friends and neighbor, Doris Monroe..
that used to live next door to us. I am so thrilled that
she came into my life. She gave life so much
 cheerfulness, energy, sparkle and lots of spunk!
In other words excitement!

We had coffee, snacks, and visits every week. Her favorite snack  was
blueberry muffins. Then sometimes she would squirt whip cream on top
of our coffee!

I will never forget her and her wit and humor and her fun personality.
I remember a few of her quotations that stick with me.
If I would tell her something that she didn't know for sure,
her pet name for me..."You smart a**!" She loved to call me
"Miss Nancy" at times or "My Nancy."
She was so much fun to be around.
We would shop together for clothes and things..
..and then there were times that we would just browse.
During our coffee mornings, we had what Doris called
our "Show and Tell" and
we would show each other what we purchased for ourselves.
This wonderful lady had great taste in clothes and other things that we
liked to look at for fun.
She would call over to me when we were browsing
and say, "Nancy, isn't this pretty?
She loved to get things that were different too.
We exchanged birthday and Christmas gifts for years.
At Christmas time, I would give her the cooked turkey neck, as she loved
it, while she was waiting to go to her niece's for Christmas dinner.

She loved my ceramic houses that I paint, and with my first one,
she had an idea to put shades in the windows, and it's my favorite one!!
I am so thankful that I met Doris and I have so many memories with her.
There were many years of fun times and laughing times and..
 we were the best neighbors and devoted, loyal gals.
She, being  so enthusiastic and full of life, taught me so much!

"Thank you so very much Doris for coming into my life and for the wonderful
advice and teachings and the jokes we would exchange. I will never forget
you as you brought me so much energy, fun and laughter..
as it will show in the pictures below..

Didn't we have superb and beautiful times together!
A friendship that was made in heaven
Until we meet again, my dear friend, Doris.

Doris moved to Georgetown, South Carolina to live her last years
with her son Steve, and his wife, Shirley.
I miss her so much but it was best that she move there
to enjoy her life with her family.
I'm am deeply saddened that she passed on,
but she lived a good long life.
She passed into another life the month of March, 2009.
She was 89.
May God Bless Doris and her Family.


Doris P. Monroe

Doris P. Monroe, 89, of Georgetown, died Saturday, March 14, 2009.

A memorial service was held Friday, March 20, 2009 at 1 p.m. at Oak Grove United Methodist Church.

Mrs. Monroe was born March 2, 1920, in Everett, Mass., to the late James and Flossie Smith.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband Forrest,
her brother Harry, and her sisters Hazel and Edna.

She was a Marine sergeant serving at the Pentagon during World War II.

Survivors include: her son Stephen Monroe (Shirley) of Georgetown;
two granddaughters, Laura Weaver (Scott) and Karen Monroe, both of Rochester, N.Y.;
a grandson, Craig Monroe (Anna) of North Platte, Neb.; and four great-grandchildren.

Memorials may be made to Paralyzed Veterans of America, 7 Mill Brook Rd., Wilton, NH 03086.



It was gratifying to me to show off my victorian houses that I did in 1992
to Doris. She liked them and said that I did a good job on them. This
is the first Victorian House that I put the windows shades on the windows like
Doris suggested. What neat ideas she had and I welcomed all ideas from

The days remembered

This was a birthday gift for her in the 1980s
at our apartment

My favorite people on  Owen's birthday one year
after we went out to dinner. Doris wanted to
get comfy so she put on her slippers.
This was Doris' lovely apartment

Another fun birthday dinner for Doris that we had
for her, back in the 1980s or early 90s.


This was a picture at one birthday that Doris had for me.
Nancy was born in February of 19??
Doris' dinners were simply delicious!! She and Owen
always had big surprises!!!

I simply love my bone china cup and saucer that Doris gave to me.
The polka dot shirt must have been from Owen if I remember correctly.
February 16, 1992

Doris sent us a picture of her room  at her home
 in Georgetown, South Carolina. I noticed in her picture
 that there are a few familiar things that she had
in her apartment here in Florida.