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~T he Girls Shop~

Hello girls, Welcome to our new shop! Please come in and browse
and we gals will help you choose what you would like for your
wardrobe of our line of frilly negligee's, and unmentionables!!
This is a shop that we always wanted to begin and it's something
that will benefit all of us girl kitties. So myself, (Molly), and my sisters,
Misty and Cindy, and of course our little sister, Sweetie, went
together to  build ourselves this darling little shop.
The models here
in our shop are those sweet kitties that reside at
Tiffennee's Secrets.
Aren't they lovely models?


The negligees are nice for us girls and also purrfect for anyone
that would like them for her honeymoon.
We are providing refreshments and my kitties, you can sit, visit, and
have these goodies and nip tea while the models come out and show
you our beautiful line! Make yourselves comfortable and enjoy our sweet
little shop.



        This is Widgy wearing a sheer baby-doll negligee from Tiffennee's Secret to show off our  negligee's for our feminine feline customers. The negligee is very feminne,
 and revealing. It will make you feel charming and pretty.


Now, girls! Here's another nice  little night wear  for you to see!
This is a granny-gown! It is made of cashmere flannel worn by Tiffennee.
What do you think of it? There are also little cute slippers to match. It's a
cute little thing for lounging, in case friends drop over!!


We gals, Molly, Misty, Cindy and Sweetie, have an announcement !
We have become memfurs of
The Circle of Charms Girls' Club!
We also received our memfurship card!
We received it from Bitsy!
We did receive club instructions that the address is a secret address,
so it should never be put where boys can find it and invade our club!


Honeycat:   Girls, I want you to see my new wed wink gown that I may wear
to the partees! I just love it, and I want to show it off to you
here in the shop. It's an original and just purrfect for me! What do you
think? It isn't too bright for the festivities, is it? I picked it out special
with my Andy in mind!

Girls, this is what  have chosen for my wedwink gown.   I can't decide
what kind of a head dress I want to wear. Purrhaps a hat with a
laced bridal veil. I still have a little time to make my decision..

Irene:  Girls, did you see HoneyCat's bright red dress? Isn't that some item?
A little different for a wedwink if you ask me! I don't think I could ever wear red!
Callie: Yes, I saw that and I must say it's bright isn't it? But it looks good on
HoneyCat! You sound a bit envious, Irene!
Molly: I like pastel colors. I'm a bit conservative.
Bebe: Don't you like my new swirl dress, Molly? It's far from pastel!!
Molly: Why don't you have your hat on, Bebe?
Bebe: Because I wanted to show off my beautiful ears!
Molly: Isn't this a nice shop? Did you girls pick out a sheer night gown?
Irene: No, I wanted to look a little more before I make my selection.
Callie:  I like the long sheer green robe with the yellow night gown when we first
arrived at the shop.
Molly: My favorite is the long purple night wear with the slippers to go with it.
Irene: My goodness! How many gowns is HoneyCat going to get for herself? A blue
and white wedwink gown too?
Molly: That's what she has had her heart set on, my dear Irene!
Bebe: I think it's lovely! HoneyCat has good taste.
Callie: Yes, I agree that it is very beautiful! She looks stunning in it.