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This is my editing picture
that I always use!

I'm the editor of this web site!!!!!!!!!!!



These Sweet kitties are Nancy Potter's kitties~

Reflections Of Bo

Nancy's Feline Four










Women and cats will do as they please.
Men and dogs better get used to it.


Ha! I sneaked in on this new page!

Mom Is nuts if she  thinks that she is going
to make a new page without me????

Confused Cat!
June ~ 2007
Molly thinks she is Queen! She is very prissy and finicky!
Heers mom...
and  Molly with some kitty graphics from....


Mom says that the 1950s was a fun time!




Heers whut Mom  looked like
in the 1950's!


 the 1955 Chevy convertible! It was aqua and white and the best car!
I liked driving around down town Des Moines and coming back from the city on Grand Ave, and
sometimes there were guys following me in their hot cars!!
What a beautiful street, Grand Ave was for years and years!
The good times were going to our favorite diner and places to eat....
and having our not so nourishing  but good  foods to eat and drink..
at the hamburger joints!!

There were times when there was necking with our boy friends at the airport and the drive-in movies!!
How much fun was that, steaming up the car windows???
Did we watch the movies? Ha! Not much!!
Those were the days!!
We, the gang of kids, all liked to meet at the old house too!....
My house in the
west side of Des Moines.


Then in 1956, my folks and I moved in the  home on 1406 Watrous Ave, in south Des Moines,
and we kids had lots of fun at that home too!!
It had a pool and we had a few pool parties!!
What fun we had in those days!

I also had a darling poodle, named Louie Philippe the Third. He was a darling dog.



The ceramic houses I painted in 1992~
It goes with the theme of my pictures of
my homes~

Heer I is! Am I not handsome?
Hey Mom! I'm the editor! Remember?  Don't try to do any writing without me!! I write gud!!
I'll tell some of your secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letz get some images of cats and more people picutres on this page!









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