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~My Family page~



My Tribute to my Family

It is a thrill for me to be reminiscent of the days gone by,
of one's childhood into adulthood and to be remembering,
and mindful, and faithful to the memory.
The intellectual, knowledge of..
experienced people with their inspirational, faithful, loving and loyal  family life,
And oh, how they formed my beliefs, thought processes and associated ideas.

I was taught of the true solid family foundation of life;
The power of imagination, creativity, uniqueness, contentment,
and I am ao very thankful for the life given to me.

I was very fortunate to have the parental affection, the protective love,
the kindness, the tenderness, the loyalty, and the deep love and respect
 we had of one another.
The high standing etiquette, and sheer perfection  and..
the influence of their loving authority.
This heart warming time was over whelming of these
Awesome parents.

I will put my faith on a inevitable fact of life,
that it  is of great importance to me to carry on the uprightness and
the sheer goodness and skilfulness based on the truth of my family
to love one another, to be gentle and kind, honourable and loyal.

Another important significant ingredient in family life,
is the ability of being  worthy of trust or belief to one's family circle...
to belong to one's very own heritage..
and here are those words again..for every person
to respect, love,honour and to
be loyal to
Thy Mother and Father for all of the individual's existence.

It is the child's willingness to be responsible of his or her own actions...
to do what is proper, from each according to his or her ability
of their own use good judgement, discretion or lack thereof...

It is so wonderful to me to be a child of the era that I was raised.
 The time in my life with the inherited characteristic..
of the mental spiritual make up and the  psychology of my innermost being.
Every man and  woman is the living soul of God's image...
.....and is made up of the Good Stuff!

My Memoirs and itch to write some of my thoughts and ideas of my
childhood/adulthood, the great parents that I adored and loved,
for my child/children, to interpret and follow the examples
set forth in this writing, to be like the images that God created~

Nancy J. Stacy of Sarasota, Florida
March 2006



~One of the oldest pictures I found in the family album~
The automobile has the look of
"Distinction and Elegance" in those days.

My mother, Thelma Niblo and Grandmother Anna Niblo~
Denver, Colorado, 1935


Mother and Dad throughout the years of  1930s

~ My first home in Des Moines, Iowa- 1940-1944~



My home in Des Moines, Iowa-from 1944 - 1955

This was taken in the early 50s
after my dad took out the
white picket fence!
My Dad mowing the front lawn

My  Des Moines home 1955 until I married in 1958

Louie Phillipe the Third,
after his bath,
comb & brush out



Happy Thanksgiving Mother and Dad.
I think about you both all the time.
It is 2007 now and I know that you are in a better place together.
May God Bless you always~
Your Loving daughter,

My Mother and Dad on a southern trip
with friends and colleagues
visitng the southern states


MY  dearest Father of Protective Love,
Wise Understanding and Full of Wisdom!
One lovely evening having a wonderful conversation
with the most wise, wonderful father in the world!


My Dad relaxing and listening to some good music one afternoon.
It was probably some Barbershop Music!!


The Most Loyal, Loving  Person Ever!

A special evening with my mother.
She was my companion, buddy, my advisor,
my teacher, of love, loyalty, faithfulness,
and my best friend ever!
We did everything together!

From the fifties to the sixties,
after marriage and child birth


The wonderful summer visiting Grandma and Grandpa Niblo, Des Moines, Iowa.
Grandpa and Mom pictured on the left. Next to that picture are the little granddaughters,
Debbie Rae 5, and Kathryn Jean 3, and Mom


My little girls ~ Ages 4 and 3
Born in San Diego, Calif.

My daughters

Kathryn Jean and Debbie Rae
Spring Valley, California 1963

Debbie Rae and Kathryn Jean
San Diego, California   1963


Debbie's first neighborhood birthday party
October 1964

Kathryn's third birthday ~ October 1964 


Debbie ~ 1965 ~       Kathryn ~ 1966

Their very first week of school was so exciting for them,
as they would have the opportunity to learn new things
and to meet new friends.

Debbie and Kathryn ~ 1966
San Diego, California


We moved to Des Moines for a couple of years, lived through the lovely four seasons,
had our fun times there with Debbie's and Kathryn's grandparents. Their grandpa retired
and decided to move permanently to Sarasota, Florida. We all decided that it would be
gratifying to move to Florida too, so we all could be together. We packed our cars and
went on our way.



Sarasota, Florida!!!

Here we are at Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida!

We two kids and our mom and our grandparents had a family discussion about a different area that we might live.
Soooooo, we figured that since our grandparents retired to Florida.....
 we could all arrive to the sunshine state to make the move to Sarasota.
We came first in August of 1971, as our mom had to enroll us in one of the Sarsota elementary schools.
 It was our decision that this city and state could be our home for the present time until we kids grew up and graduated from high school. Then we could think about and  arrange our careers or marry.

More Birthdays!!

Grandpa Niblo - 1979
This is a picture of our favorite  advisor, the head
and leader of the family, the supreme man that
would advise us and we granddaughters learned
a lot from our loving grandpa!!

Here we are posing for a family picture
one summer night in the early or mid 80s.

My Mother and Dad taking their walk on the beach,
Naples, Florida ~ 1972


The Daughters' newsy note:

How we kids were taken by surprise!

This is a romantic story about Mother with a feeling that she had/has for someone that she just happend to meet here in Florida!
That's right, mom met the promised person to be in her life and yes, he is her tower of strength, her companion, her lover, and all that lovey-dovey stuff!
They decided to live as man and wife,  in September 26, 1977.

Then in March of 1978, they got this darling dog and we decided to named her Lady.



Mom and Owen 1981

 picture of Owen
before the remodleing of the kitchen.
Christmas 1984

Going ahead a few years here, we were retired, as of August 2005,  and enjoying our hobbies,our cats that we love so much,
our computers and I like to update my web pages a lot and make new pages. Oh! I also like to do my painting on my ceramic houses too.

Kathy, Mom and Deb ~ 2005

As of the years of 1995 through 2001, we were adopted by some
darling cats. We love them so much and they
entertain us a lot.


Timothy, Matthew, ( Cindy, Matthew and Tim), Cindy
Bottom pictures:
Andy, Molly, Misty and Sweetie


The time passes so fast and now our daughters have families of their own~
Kathy, Kathryn, and Gram

Thank God for our darling kitties. They fulfil our lives with loyalty, and love.
They all are so sweet.
~They are all through this, my web site~
Here are some cute Granddaughter/Gram and kitty pictures
to enjoy below this writing!!

Here is Molly, our #2 cat
She got on the pillow finally against her better


Here is my precious granddaughter Kathryn, and THE cat Chester!!


JULY 4, 2007


Kathy and Kathryn



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